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Bishop Pass and Mount Agassiz

On Oct 7, 2017, we did a weekend trip to summit Mount Agassiz. We started from South Lake trailhead. The overnight parking lot was quite full as it seemed like day-use visitors also parked there. Luckily after we waited for about half hour, someone left.

We hiked about 6.5 miles and camped near by the lake on the Bishop Pass. Till that point, the trail was very well maintained. The hike was beautiful along several lakes. As we went up to Bishop Pass, the view became better and better while looking down the lakes. We watched both sunset and sunrise on top of Bishop Pass. There was no cloud that day. Although it was good for both sunrise and sunset, I felt sunrise was better because the mountains far away glowed red after the sun came out.

There were a few camping spots along the lake. Although the spots were small, they were actually nice and flat. I recommend to bring smaller tent.

On the second day, we summited Mount Agassiz. The climb was intense class 2 all the way. Going down was equally difficult. The scenery on top of Mount Agassiz was worth every effort though. I wish I could watch a sunrise on the top!

Sunrise at Bishop Pass, Bishop Pass and Mount Agassiz

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Sunrise at Bishop Pass

On Top of Mount Agassiz, Bishop Pass and Mount Agassiz

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On Top of Mount Agassiz

My Tent under Milky Way, Bishop Pass and Mount Agassiz

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My Tent under Milky Way

The Last Light on Picture Puzzle, Bishop Pass and Mount Agassiz

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The Last Light on Picture Puzzle

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